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Pro Path Putting Mirror

Orange Whip Swing Trainers

Orange Whip Full-Size

Designed for taller golfers, this model enhances full swing mechanics and builds strength.

Improves Full Swing

Builds Strength

Enhances Flexibility

Ideal for Tall Golfers

Orange Whip Mid-Size

Great for average height golfers, focusing on balance and swing rhythm.

Balances Swing

Improves Rhythm

Increases Flexibility

Perfect for Average Height

Orange Whip Short Game

Provides a complete collection of training aids and tools designed to improve your short game skills.

Improved Technique


Distance Control

Ideal for All Golfers

Orange Whip Golf Fitness

Provides a comprehensive solution for golfers aiming to improve their overall fitness for the game.

Enhanced Fitness

Increased Power and Distance

Improved Swing Mechanics

Perfect for All Golfers

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