Orange Whip

Orange Whip training aids offer several benefits that help improve performance

Improved Swing Tempo and Timing

The flexible shaft of the Orange Whip helps promote a rhythmic and fluid swing, which can improve the overall timing and consistency of your swing.

Enhanced Balance and Stability

The counterweighted system in these trainers helps golfers develop a more balanced swing. By practicing with the Orange Whip, golfers can improve their stability, which is crucial for executing effective golf shots.

Better Swing Mechanics

The unique design encourages a natural swing motion. It helps golfers maintain an on-plane swing and can aid in correcting the path of their swing, reducing the tendency to slice or hook the ball.

Increased Strength and Flexibility

Regular use of the Orange Whip can aid in building the muscle strength required for golf, particularly in the core and golf-specific muscles. It also promotes flexibility, which is vital for a full range of motion in the swing.

Warm-Up Tool

The Orange Whip is an excellent tool for warming up before a round or practice session. It helps engage the golf muscles, ensuring that you are loose and ready to play, reducing the risk of injury.

Feedback for Training

As you swing the Orange Whip, the weighted head and flexible shaft provide instant feedback on your swing path and balance. This feedback helps in making quick adjustments and improves muscle memory.


The product range includes different sizes and weights to cater to various needs, whether for junior golfers, men, women, or professional athletes.


The Orange Whip is easy to transport, making it convenient to take to the driving range, golf course, or even use at home. Its portability ensures that you can consistently practice and improve your swing no matter where you are.

What makes the Orange Whip swing trainer stand out?

The patented counterbalanced swing technology sets this swing trainer apart from the rest. This unique design enhances feedback, helping you maintain a balanced, powerful, and on-plane swing. That’s why numerous Tour Pros carry Orange Whip products in their bags, and top golf instructors use them on the teaching tee. Compare it with other trainers, and you’ll immediately notice the superior feel.

Full Swing

The Orange Whip golf swing trainer is designed to improve rhythm and balance in a golfer’s full swing by providing immediate feedback on tempo and swing plane. Its flexible shaft and weighted ends enhance coordination and strengthen the muscles used during the golf swing, promoting a smoother and more powerful motion.

Short Game

The Orange Whip trainer aids in refining the short game by helping golfers develop a softer touch and better control over shorter distances. Its design encourages a controlled, pendulum-like swing, essential for precision in chipping and putting, leading to more consistent and accurate shots around the green.

Golf Fitness

The Orange Whip golf swing trainer is effective for golf-specific fitness as it engages and strengthens core muscles, enhancing overall stability and power. Regular use of the device can also improve flexibility and range of motion, crucial for a fluid and efficient golf swing, thereby reducing the risk of injuries related to the sport.

Check out these Orange Whip Golf videos for more information.